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Diwali Best Wishes

Happy Choti Diwali 2017: People across the country are all set to celebrate the festival of Diwali with much fervour. The excitement is already in the air with people are already busy in shopping and distributing gifts. Choti Diwali falls on the day before and day after Dhanteras. This year the festival falls on October 18.

As per belief, those who perform the holy bath or Abhyang Snan on Choti Diwali do not have to go to hell after death. People also apply a paste on their face made of sesame oil for the holy bath.

A large number of people start the day of Choti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdhashi , with a ritual bath known as abhyang snan.

People celebrate the day by cleaning and decorating their homes. They also visit their near and dear ones to exchange gifts and greetings. In the evening they light up their homes with diyas, candles or light bulbs and also visit nearby areas to have look at the decorations all around.

As per Hindu Mythology, on his day Lord Krishna and Kali killed the demon Narakasura because of his endless ill-treatment towards women. As it falls on the day before Diwali, it is known as Choti Diwali.